Friday, January 20, 2012

Ice Fishing Story - Perspective

A quick story to illustrate perspective. Here in Texas we hit 80 degrees today. Crazy for January. My husband chats with a product person in Thief River Falls, MN - it was bizarre cold below zero. He went to pump gas and his hand froze on the handle. He had to get material out of his car to help defray the cold. Ray asked, "Why no gloves?" John said, "Well, it hadn't really been that cold yet""

Oh yeah? Here in Texas, we had a morning that was 28. Ray and I both have gloves, hats, and afghans in the car - just in case. If something happens, we don't want to freeze to death.


Here's a super funny story. John had to call Onstar. His keys were locked in the car. Onstar said, "Your car is in the lake. " He said, "No, it's on the lake. We're ice fishing." The Onstar personnel (calling from Florida were confused and didn't grasp the concept). "But, sir, your car is IN the lake," they insisted. "No, it's ON the lake. Just open the "damn" door." They finally complied, but reluctantly.

Perspective. Keep that in mind for your tales.

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