Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wii: Whee, I'd Rather be Reading My Kindle

These people look so happy. They aren't teetering, wavering, or ready to collapse into a fetal position. Ray got us a Wii for Christmas, and yes, we need some fitness. Believe me, my little Mii tells me that anytime I tune in. With trepidation I step on the board, hear a groan, and am berated by an electronic voice for being shaky.

It's good for me. I'll look better and feel better when/if I'm called upon for a whirlwind book tour. However, if we're talking electronics devices, I'd rather press buttons on my new Kindle. Yes, I'm a proud owner thanks to Santa, and while I'm not giving up paper - the Kindle is darn tricky and I can understand how useful it is for portability.

My first download was my own book: My Zoo World If All Dogs Go to Heaven Then I'm in Trouble. It looks pretty good, so thanks again to Rich Ochoa , Sharon Owen , and Ann Summerville for self publishing and Amazon Kindle advice.

My reading queue keeps growing larger - how am I to fit in Wii activity?

No indolence, no laziness, but employ every minute in your life in active pleasures or useful employments - Lord Chesterfield 1752

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