Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

It's February 29, 2012 - Leap Year Day. As I drove home from work (yea - payday!), I decided I'd take some random pictures to mark the day. Signs of spring outdoors, and yes a wild stuffed piggie.

Cool light pattern from our french patio doors at approximately 4:30 pm

Nifty shadow perspective

This festive plant is sitting on my kitchen table, but I moved it for the light pattern on the floor. I bought it at Calloways on Sunday, just to brighten our February. Love the colors and I hope to pot it later, but I'm waiting in case of a final freeze. Then again, it's 72 degrees today. No wonder weeds are choosing to sprout.

February Valentine candy is long gone. Here's to jelly beans. These are the Starburst sour style. Yeah, yeah, I know - it's early for Easter candy. Mind your own business. Happy Leap Year Day!


  1. Cute pic of the wild pig :)
    I think if he sees his shadow, we get three years without a leap year day. LOL :)
    I'm doing A to Z too :)

  2. thanks for stopping by. I like your leap year comment. A to Z should be interesting, I don't usually post daily - good to have a challenge.