Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not So Gray Lady - Jill Abramson

I read about Jill Abramson in More magazine (March 2012 issue. Article by Nina Burleigh) and wanted to feature her today. Her story struck me - hard work, intelligence, tenacity, and a love of words. She's only fifty-eight, a mother of two, and has a book published about her dog. She never plotted to get to the top - intensity, probing questions, and results steered her path.

October 2011, Jill Abramson became executive editor of The New York Times. She's the first female leader of THE paper, and must work hard to keep it relevant in changing times. Her background is Harvard, then investigative reporting, and finally her position as Washington bureau chief during the 9/11 Pentagon attack proved her mettle. She remained calm and directed all aspects of the coverage of that terrible day.

"I have always had a strong desire to get to the bottom of the facts, especially when people say the facts are unknowable," she says of her decision to become a journalist.

"Every word that you write about someone is branded on them, and words are not casual things." I love this quote.

"There are new challenges every hour," she acknowledges. She's working to be more accessible, and looks at innovation and newsroom integration (digital and print) as prime issues for The New York Times. Survival in the publishing industry is key. Sounds to me like they've got the right person for the job.

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