Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Defy Gravity or Embrace Memphis Rock 'N Soul

Gregory Maguire started with an interesting premise for a book. Everyone knows the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. But, does everyone wonder what happened before the house fell on the wicked witch? How did evil begin? Wicked was quite successful, and in another level of creativity theater folks adapted the book (Winnie Holzman), created music and lyrics (Stephen Schwartz) and voila! a hit Broadway musical.

I saw a Dallas touring production a few years ago and was delighted. I saw the Gershwin Theater production recently and was blown away - what a stage, what sets, costumes, lighting, and voices. There were flying monkeys everywhere. No One Mourns the Wicked begins our musical journey, Popular sticks in the brain, and Defying Gravity will have you soaring.

Wicked is good.

Memphis tells the tale in music of a white DJ who's just crazy enough to hang on Beale Street, devour black music, and spread its joy. It's not easy, but the struggle is worth it. This musical journey shows the impact of integration issues through music. The glory of the voices will have you shouting amen.

The Music of My Soul, Everybody Wants to Be Black on a Saturday Night, and Someday will have you tapping your toes. Say a Prayer will bring tears to your eyes. Stand Up, Change Don't Come Easy, and Memphis Lives in Me will have you believing in the power of rock and roll, gospel, and blues.


  1. Wonderful post ...and all those musicals. wow.
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  3. You make these shows come to life. Wish I could see them. But I'm languishing on the island of Britain. Hehe.

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