Sunday, June 3, 2012

Author Roundtable

 Saturday evening, I was delighted to be part of an authors' panel at the Bedford library  We were introduced by Amanda Green, author of  Nocturnal Lives, and she let us loose to read excerpts from our books and answer questions from the audience.
The discussion was lively in regards to self publishing (four of us) vs. traditional (one) and why we chose to go our routes, the effort involved, pitfalls, and the satisfaction of being in control of our writing destiny.
 Here are the featured authors of the evening (clockwise from upper left) All are members of  Trinity Writers' Workshop
Arly Pineo: Cheat the Wind  Cheat the Wind
Sharon Owen: Thicker Than Water   Thicker Than Water
Bonnie Pemberton: The Cat Master The Cat Master
Ann Summerville: Gwinnel Gardens (and more) Gwinnel Gardens
Not pictured: Joanne Faries  My Zoo World  My Zoo World
Finally, there is nothing better than a great prop - Arly's husband created this fine clipper ship, ready to set sail for the China Seas, and Cheat the Wind.


  1. Sounds like a good session but what was the outcome of the self-publishing vs traditional?

  2. Bonnie who was traditionally published felt fortunate, but she did have to set up her own book signings, take care of PR, etc. Alas, her publisher is gone - sucked up by another who's not interested in her sequel (sales were fine, but not awesome). Thus she's now looking at self-pub herself. The rest of us agree it's a lot of work, but it's all up to you to find your success. Put out a quality product and promote. Control the full process and outcome.

  3. Thanks Joanne for organizing the event. I think it went well and we were asked lots of interesting questions. The other downside of traditional publishing is that in Bonnie's case it wasn't offered as an e-book which is where the bigger sales are coming from these days.