Friday, July 6, 2012

Still Lazy: Life's a Beach

 Back from Clearwater, Florida.  Nothing beats white sand, clear water, cabana boys, and lots to read
 Here was the view from my chair. We used tons of sunscreen and rented chairs and umbrella. Still got burned a bit, but gosh, it was worth it. Hmmm - which direction shall we walk this morning? Hmmm - which direction this afternoon?  Two magazines, a paperback, and multiple Kindle reads later, I was content. Ray and I vied for the laziness award.
 I can report that total strangers were discussing their reads - Yep, Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy definitely topped the list for women from what I can tell.  I heard, " It's poorly written, but I can't stop reading."
Yep - I read the first one on my Kindle and cringed. Yet I admit to clicking through and wondering what was going to happen - I haven't chosen to pay for more.   I will recommend Roni Loren's  Crash Into You - same ero-rom com genre but well written with interesting characters. It's a HOT read. And her sequel Melt Into You just came out.
Beach sunset - aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.  Why do I live in Texas? I am too far from water. Oh well, that's what vacation is for. I admit I'm fortunate to return to a lovely home with a pool. Ray and I work hard and we're lucky.
Here we are in front of my Aunt Audrey's home in Sarasota. Caught up with her and my cousin Sandy - it had been five to ten years since our last visit. Maybe we need to go to Florida more often. I better load up my Kindle.

Wimbledon - love this time of year. Now it's Federer vs. Murray. Sorry UK fans, I love the Swiss tennis machine - I think Roger will kick Andy butt - place your bets.

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