Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Movie Magic Named Mike

Magic Mike's advertising looks like a total chick flick cheesefest party. Well, it is a chick flick - seriously ladies, only go with a group of women. Do not foist this film upon your man. But, it's not cheesy. It has a plot, dialogue, and ultimately characters you care about and sure, it's HEA - Happily Ever After.

Based on Channing Tatum's life before acting, we meet Mike as he rolls out of bed. There's a collective gasp from the audience (theater full of women) as we absorb his backside beauty. Oh my! Onward to a club featuring Matthew McC. as the club owner Dallas. He's so sleazy and perfect in this role, and he's got a body that won't stop.

Channing's character Mike does construction, furniture building, and many other businesses on the side. But his key cash is from the stripping job and he's the star. He does end up pulling in The Kid, Adam, who's a nineteen year old with no direction or motivation or ability to hold a job. The Kid seems to attract the women and slowly learns how to strip. I personally think he's the weak link in this film. I didn't find him sexy or alluring or wanted to take him under my wing. I'm not sure what young actor today would have been better, but think about it when you watch the film and offer a suggestion. Channing and Matthew pop off the screen with heat. This kid barely registers a temperature for this critic.

The kid's sister, Brook, is very protective and totally different from any woman Mike has dated. She looks like a normal attractive young lady and works as a medical assistant. I liked her in this film and rooted for her as she dismissed Mike as a "thirty year old stripper going nowhere." Ouch, that hurt. Mike thinks he's going to be an equity partner when Dallas expands to Miami. Hmmm, think again. Did I mention the word sleazy? Yep.

The dance numbers sizzle and all of the other actors in the film are mere eye candy in comparision to Channing and Matthew. There are whoops at times from the audience and it makes the whole movie experience fun. Ultimately, stuff gets a bit serious, and gee - stripping with the indulgence of late nights, drinking, and drugs ain't pretty. This is for mature audiences only. Magic Mike is summer fun and a great night out for gals. Channing Tatum is growing as an actor, and he sure is darn good looking. Whew! It's not just temperatures outside that are heating up........go see Magic Mike for a summer screen explosion.

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  1. I've been eyeing up the trailers. I definitely want to see this one - Matthew McC yum yum! :-)