Saturday, July 21, 2012

Winter in July

 Here's a fluff piece for a super hot July day in Texas. Supposed to 108 degrees F by six tonight. Whew! Our pool's a spa. Thus, let's go back to early July in Clearwater Florida. Ray and I headed to the Clearwater Aquarium, which specializes in aquatic animal rescue, rehab, and release.
 Winter is the famous dolphin featured in A Dolphin's Tale. Found as a baby caught in a net, wounded - survival was doubtful. However, the creature persevered. Then with the creation of a prosthetic tail, Winter thrives, swims like a pro, and is a hero to many. The research involved has helped in producing better prosthetic limbs for soldiers. We never did see Winter, but the documentary at the aquarium is a tearjerker - very impressive story.
This is Panama and it delighted the crowd with dolphin antics. Anything for a treat. The Clearwater Aquarium offers a lot of teaching moments for young kids. They are a non-profit organization, ever vigilant in the care of our precious sea creatures.


  1. We saw the movie about Winter. What a great story!

  2. Sea Mammals are amazing! In April, I took my teenagers to Sea World, their first time. Great time! If we get to Florida, I know where to go!