Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Tex Sees All

 State Fair of Texas time in Dallas. This is a truly monumental event held on permanent grounds, complete with lovely Art Deco buildings. For sixty years, Big Tex surveys the land and updates folks on events
 Ray and I enjoyed the Marine Corps Drum & Bugle show. Here they are marching off the parade grounds. But for forty five minutes they regaled the crowd with patriotic and popular tunes. Snappy uniforms, crisp timing, and snare drums can't be beat.
 Ray's resting before the BMX Stunt Bike show. We walked from 12:30 to 8:30 PM - saw Chinese acrobats, Frisbee Jump Dogs, Car and Truck show, Creative Arts, the Midway, and more. Forty dollars worth of coupons bought us probably forty thousand calories of junk food. Yes, I tried the Fried Bacon Cinnamon Bun - rather obnoxiously tasty covered in powdered sugar. Only in Texas folks, only in Texas.
 Windy, warm humid day. Shorts weather. Good day for some of the best fresh squeezed lemonade we've ever tasted.
Night time along the Esplanade. Art Deco buildings are lit and and then the fireworks/laster light show adds to the beauty of this area. Whew! Another State Fair goes in the record books. We enjoy the tradition.


  1. I love listening to drums. What a great day - 8 hours! Local fairs round my way fizzle out half-way through the afternoon.

  2. Looks like an enjoyable day out. The idea of eating a bacon, cinnamon bun sounds a bit like the deep fried Mars Bars that they reputedly have in Scotland.

  3. I hear that the Texas State Fair and the MN State Fair are the two largest State Fairs. Sounds like you enjoyed similar sights, sounds, and flavors as I did.

  4. I love art deco buildings. I hope future funds will be available for their upkeep. Here in England, so many of our huge historic houses and castles have fallen into disrepair.