Thursday, May 9, 2013

Movie Review: Ironman 3 - finally something to see at the theater

Blockbuster season started early - Go See Ironman 3. Huge numbers in Europe and now the USA - all for good reason. This is a really fun number three. Ironman 1 was really good. Ironman 2 was a bit heavyhanded and bulky. Number 3 is just thrilling, clever, and crazy good fun. Get the family, buy the tub of popcorn and the gallon of soda - this kicks off spring/summer and it's our American duty to overindulge.
Robert Downey, Jr. couldn't be better. He's light on his toes, quips galore, and he expresses a vulnerability necessary in our superheroes. He is the whole package. Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper shows guts and dons the Ironman gear briefly. Ironman needs her and she needs him. It's a love story. Don Cheadle is the best buddy and he's so darn good - Rah!!!

Guy Pearce is sleazy evil and I mean that as a compliment. He's always good and this is a role he deserves. He's smart, good looking, and unfortunately he chose the wrong side to exploit. His genius is there for Ironman to destroy. Ooops.

Can't forget Jon Favreau - the hapless sidekick who's mostly in a coma for the film. As a security person, he stinks.

Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin - evil incarnate......or is he?? OMG. What transpires here is too funny and the comment about King Lear is to die for. You have to be a Ben fan and know his work. (Insider jokes galore).
So - plenty of Marvel Superhero jokes - hope you have seen the movies to enjoy the humor. Otherwise, stuff blows up. We're saving the world. Ironman has many backup plans. And this is just so much FUN. Go See It.

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  1. I've just gotten into the whole superhero thing (apart from Superman - I'm a long time Superman fan) - with 2 kids and a Hubby, I'm surprised I held up this long! I love Robert Downey Jr :-)