Monday, May 13, 2013

Waking Up in Vegas

 Let's see - why haven't I written a thing?  Ooops. Too busy waking up in Vegas - not really a la Katy Perry. Ray and I stayed up late, but not too crazy. Nonetheless we stayed at The Paris this weekend and it was a really nice hotel. MMMM  - pastries.
 Las Vegas, Nevada - you have to see it to believe it. Lights, glitz, casinos, carrying drinks on the strip (i.e Las Vegas Blvd), Girls Girls Girls, no clocks, excessive extravaganza, and the smell of money. It is bizarre.
 Yep - zoomed from the Paris to the Venetian. This is how Americans travel. No passport needed. You can go from Paris, France to Venice, Italy to Luxor, Egypt. And every place has spotless bathrooms with cushy toilet paper. (best ladies room - the Bellagio). You can gamble as cocktail waitresses ply you with "free" liquor. Oh it costs you money - even the penny slots are a lure.
 It was a great weekend.  Too much food, too much drink, too much..........and it's desert hot - I don't think we hit 100 F, but it was close. The Stratosphere tower at 1000 feet in the air is way too close to the sun and can fry your brains. We did spend money on observation decks - the Eiffel Tower deck (500 feet) and the Stratosphere at double the height. You can see mountains - they hide silver and gold mines - there's money in them thar hills.
Or just view hotels - here's The Paris. That's entertainment. Each one has a theme, fountains, pools, and bars. They don't want you to leave their premises - that's why they are so freakin' big and you have to walk through their casino to get anywhere. Maybe double bonus poker will call your name or the $5 Blackjack table (hey....Ray....come lose here).  As long as you keep it all in perspective - maintain limits and have fun, but don't bet the mortgage.

I didn't do an official post, but my mother's been gone twenty years. She didn't drink. She didn't gamble. But she did like Elvis. She visited Vegas one time with my dad, my Uncle Rick and Aunt Connie, and another couple.  They had a ton of fun. So - I thought of her on Mother's Day as I celebrated in Vegas.

I stayed respectable, Mom. You raised me "right"........or what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Pick your own ending to this tale.


  1. Sounds like fun and great pictures. We used to visit Vegas all the time when I lived in L.A., but don't get there too much these days. How it's changed from when there were only a few hotels on the strip.

  2. 1000 feet - argh!!!! Sound like you have a great time. Did you see Elvis?

  3. Old Elvis, new Elvis. Fat Elvis and skinny Elvis.

  4. Vegas is a lot of eye candy. I personally prefer to visit the desert. It's much more peaceful. Glad you had a good time!