Friday, June 14, 2013

Browse a Book Store

Yes, Amazon is convenient. Barnes & Noble still has brick buildings. But what's more fun than stumbling upon a "creaky-floored bookstore"? If you are headed to New York City, here are stores to visit that aren't named Macy's or Bloomingdales. All info courtesy of the Wall Street Journal contributed by John Lee

The Strand   opened in 1927, it's slogan is 18 miles of books. Sounds like a dream world to me. Apparently, besides books there are cool literary t-shirts and souvenirs.

McNally Jackson Books   Lee describes this place as cheery. Fiction is organized by region based on author nationality - "makes for adventurous hunting. "

BookBook   located in Greenwich Village (already cool quotient is high) browsing turns into bargain buying. Save room in your suitcase.

St.Mark's Bookshop   Lee describes this store as a "serious-minded indie bookstore".  Lots of design and architecture books, plus an array of journals and poetry publications.

I never get tired of New York City and now I have new reasons to plan a trip.

Do you have a favorite indie bookstore in your hometown or found in travels?


  1. I have a great bookshop in my town - very small, but run by a very helpful lady. I also discovered a great second-hand bookshop recently - with a floor dedicated to really old books. I spent over an hour in that one!

  2. I never met a bookstore I didn't love, but the ones you've listed sound like little pieces of heaven.