Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh Canada

 I say farewell for a long weekend and in blog world, maybe a week.  Friday, I head to Quebec City Canada to meet up with friends from PA. I've known two since junior high, one high school, and two from college.  We started a tradition of taking a trip every five years. This year we all turn 55 and we shall celebrate en francais so to speak.

I hope I get there. Air travel these days is a horrific challenge. I booked my trip back in October 2012 and got a great price. Since I leave Friday, I checked my itinerary on Monday only to find that United had dropped a few legs and neglected to tell me. After an hour on the phone, I think I'll get to Quebec City via Toronto on Friday. My return trip on Tuesday 7/2 is a tad precarious. We'll see if I get back across the border. Breathe deep, must stay calm.

It's obnoxious because I know I'm fortunate to get to go on vacation. But trying to prepare at work has been annoying. Trying to coordinate my flights has been annoying. It just should not be so stressful to leave.
Arrggh. Deep breaths.
But hopefully, Friday evening this shall be my new home - Hotel Chateau Frontenac - fabulousness along the St.Lawrence River.

I shall bore you with details once I'm back. Until then, au revoir -  I'm footloose and fancy free. C'est bon!!!


  1. I hope your journey is smooth, and your break enjoyable. Have a great time. :-)

  2. Hope you're having a lovely time. I find pre-holiday arranging stressful too!