Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July/ Oh Canada Day - July 1st

 I am back in the United States and ready to celebrate July 4th on Thursday. But I'm going to start boring you with my Canada pics.  Je me souviens is the motto for Quebec and it means I remember in culture, sacrifice, and history. I think it neatly applies to America too. I remember and shall honor history.
 The Citadelle in Quebec offers 300 years of military history.  It's the largest fortification built by the British in North America with a strategic position overlooking the St.Lawrence river. It is an active military garrison for the Royal 22nd Regiment.
 I was very impressed with their museum tribute to the Canadian peace keeping troops in Afghanistan. I've not seen this in the United States. Kudos to our friends in Canada.
 The weather on Friday and Saturday was rather horrific - crazy wind, some rain, etc. Thus the big changing of the guard ceremony was cancelled. But we were lucky to catch the mini-change. These young men are somber and strict in their formality. Tight formation and ceremony.
So, Happy 4th in the United States and Happy Canada Day back on July 1st. I learned a lot about our friends to the north and definitely thank them for our friendship.  (and the fireworks Monday evening were spectacular)

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  1. Great pics! I would LOVE to visit Canada someday. Especially if we see the Northern lights while we're there. (Two items off the ol' "wanta do" list in one swell foop!)

    Happy 4th!