Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quebec - Musee des Beaux Arts

 Alas, I've gone two weeks without a croissant or crepes or vacation frivolity with friends. At least I have pictures to share and re-live happy memories. This sculpture in front of the art museum is called "Waterspout" .
 Here is the official Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec. Neat building and lots of art treats inside. Mary Ellen's little head is in the corner of this picture.
 I enjoyed the variety of different (i.e not Impressionists) art in this musuem. It featured Canadian and specifically Quebec artists. The section on Inuit art was beautiful. Sculptures carved from ivory and whalebone were haunting and pure.
Stepped out back to view this sculpture and in the distance, the St.Lawrence river. Despite overcast weather, we operated under a cloud of artistic joy.
On the road away from the museum, this wall featured teasers of Alfred Pellan's art. Talk about a prolific man. He had these masks, he had some rather voluptuous modern paintings of women (there seemed to be mother issues), some interactive sculptures that were very funny. I didn't like everything, but I cannot deny his creativity and I laughed out loud at some pieces.

I absolutely love art museums, and the Quebec Beaux Arts is a must-see on your vacation checklist.


  1. Wow, what a neat-looking building, especially for an art museum. It, in itself, looks like a piece of art. I guess they frown upon taking pictures inside, huh? Oh well. I reckon if we wanta see that Inuit art, we're gonna have to GO there. (Throw me in the briar patch!)

  2. I'd like to visit that museum!

    I bet you're missing the crepes. I went through withdrawal when I first came home from Paris!

  3. What a great building. The museum sounds really interesting. The way to get over the post-holiday slump is to go on another one straight away :-)