Monday, July 22, 2013

Movie Review Madness - Monsters University

Monsters University is a Pixar prequel to Monsters, Inc and it's another clever concoction. Mike (voiced by the irrepressible Billy Crystal) is our one-eyed green glob who's wanted to go to the elite Scarer School forever. He's been admitted to the university, but must prove his worth. He studies hard, works hard, and can answer every question asked by professors. But he's just not scary - he's the funny guy.

Big blue Sully (John Goodman) is lazy, never has a pencil, and doesn't study, but he can roar. Plus his father was a superb scarer, so everyone assumes Sully has it made. He's invited to the elite fraternity and is the popular dude. However, he and Mike are on a collision course.

Sure enough, they are kicked out of Scarer school for various reasons and then must work together along with other losers to try to get back in. The very scary Helen Mirren monster dean is very disapproving of their quality, but they keep proving her wrong. It all comes down to the Scare Fest contest. Can the guys pull together and manage to get a win? I won't give away the shenanigans, but this is one fright fest you'll want to watch with both eyes open.

Monsters University is fun for kids and adults alike. It's very clever with sharp dialogue, plenty of humor, and amazing animation. Apply now with a ticket to movie entertainment.

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  1. I never really got into Monsters Inc, so I'm not sure I'll see this one - kids are getting older and into the superhero films now.