Friday, July 19, 2013

Movie Review Madness: World War Z

World War Z is Wow! This film is tight, scary, and really good. Brad Pitt (Jerry) and family are driving along in Philly when bam! There are explosions, people crashing into cars, and then folks chomping on each other. What???? A few quick cell calls, and Jerry (a former UN investigator) is able to get airlifted and then on his way to special assignments. He thought he was out, but his skills are too good. (Of course, he's freakin' Brad Pitt).

Has a plague hit? Or worse - is it really zombies taking over the world? Brad has to travel to far flung places, chasing patient zero. Meanwhile, each encounter is more fraught with danger, and his family keeps getting moved from their safe haven to refugee status. World War Z is tense. We worry for Brad and his crew, and we worry for his family and the fate of the world. Plus these are fast moving zombies with clacking chomping teeth. Yikes!

Yes, the film has zombies but that's not the point. It's more about the drastic spread of horror in apocalyptic proportions. The world is so united these days, it can also become a catastrophe very quickly. Fortunately, there's a hidden research facility for disease study. Brad takes a chance to save the world. And he uses nature itself to draw conclusions.

Hold your breath and stay alert. World War Z is an emotional roller coaster ride. Excellent movie, but not for kids.

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