Sunday, July 14, 2013

Movie Review Madness - What is in Your Queue?

What's In Your Queue?   Here are my latest Netflix faves -

NO! starts Gael Garcia Bernal. This movie has subtitles, but it's worth a look, especially if you are in Mad Men advertising withdrawal. Basically, it was time for Chilean elections and rather than a cake walk, Pinochet found himself up against a hugely successful ad campaign against him. The Vote No ads promoted sunny days in Chile and chances for peace and happiness, all without the dictator. The movie is funny as the No Campaign gains success. But it's also tense as the ad creators feel pressure from the military. NO! is fiction based on true events and is a very good foreign film. Something different for your summer viewing.

Moonrise Kingdom directed by Wes Anderson is quirky in a good way. It's the story of two teens who run away together. The boy escapes scout camp much to the chagrin of the leader, played by Ed Norton. The girl just hates her family, but her parents Bill Murray and Frances McDormand are worried. Bruce Willis is the town sheriff who's having a slight affair with Frances McD. Ooops - awkward. The boy, an orphan, uses his scout skills to keep the duo going, and it is cute puppy love. The kids in it are great and the whole premise has a sweet overtone.

56-UP continues Michael Apted's documentary series. His premise is show me a child at age 7 and I'll show you the man (or woman). He followed up to ten British kids from age 7 and filmed them every seven years. It's fascinating. You don't have to have seen every film. The film shows the kids at various stages in their lives answering questions and now in middle age. Some have done well, others not so well. Some healthy, some not. And sure enough, for the most part what you saw at seven has come true, and you still see the kids in the adults' eyes. This is tremendous real life cinema and you'll laugh and cry with those on screen.

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