Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book Review: The Silver Star

The author of The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls overcame her own odds to become the writer and person she is. Now in The Silver Star, she embodies her thirteen year old heroine, Bean, with heart, soul, and a fierce sense of right and wrong. This is a very engaging read and I highly recommend it.

1970, Bean and her sister Liz realize their mother is off to find herself, and they decide to head east to the family home in Virginia. Uncle Tinsley haunts the decaying Holladay mansion and slowly does his best to accomodate his nieces. Bean meets the Wyatts her father's family. Charlie was killed, but Bean, after given his Silver Star, slowly learns his story and realizes she has a lot of Wyatt intrepid spirit in her.

It's a small town, and the girls find employment with Jerry Maddox, a sworn enemy of their uncle. They keep their work quiet, until Liz is attacked by Maddox. That is where Bean steps up and declares that Liz needs to fight this obnoxious overbearing ass who had probably attacked their cousin Ruth, too, and got away with it. The trial splits the town and small town injustice enrages Bean. But she perserveres and ultimately the final resolution will satisfy you, the reader.

The Silver Star is about triumph over adversity, family love, and a teen spirit that cannot be smothered. Walls writing is smooth, her pacing is perfect, and humor shines through.

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  1. You don't see too many stories set in the 70's. This looks like a good read!