Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Epic NaNo Fail

Epic NaNo Fail.  I have written a page or two and I hated my characters, hated my alleged plot, and I question if I am a fiction novel writer.  So - I confess to failure. But my month of November has been fun. Lovely fall stroll at the arboretum.  See, I'm distracting you with pretty pictures
 And I caught up with a friend for lunch at the Kimbell Art Museum. Saw great art and also walked to the Amon Carter Museum for awesome photography exhibits.  And yes, I've been to movies, I've downloaded Netflix, and I've been reading a good book - "The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert
I did write a poem to submit to Baseball Bard (have not been rejected yet). And I submitted Christmas material to Trinity Writers' Workshop for their annual childrens giveaway book.  (Charity, folks, charity!!)

So - I sorta began a NaNo but was never truly vested in the enterprise. I admit failure and I'm okay with it.

Are you distracted by the pretty pictures?  ...............yeah, me too.


  1. Your pictures are lovely, but I didn't need a distraction. Too bad about the Nano, but I'm still in awe of anyone who even considers tackling it. I can't imagine myself EVER writing that many words in a month's time. (Unless you count blogposts, comments, and emails... I write a TON of words on that...)

    Stay warm!

  2. I have thought about doing NaNo but decided against it. It's cruel. It's no way to conduct your life... even one month of it. Much better to write a poem and visit that beautiful arboretum.

  3. If I remember your first attempt was indeed set in the Arboretum - I wonder if there's a reason you returned to the scene of the crime - just saying . . .

  4. NaNo isn't for everyone. I did it last year, but it will be my only attempt - it didn't suit me either. Great photos, I'm completely distracted now :-)

  5. Sounds like you are in fact doing a lot of writing. I went through something very similar last year. I actually wrote a fiction book-- a complete one (a bad one) and then decided I am better suited for nonfiction and enjoy it more. :) So it was, in the end, not a wasted experience. Enjoy your Nov.

  6. Gorgeous flowers! As far as Nano goes, at least you tried!