Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Enjoyed a walk in the park yesterday for a good cause. Actually I didn't walk - I volunteered and helped at registration. But Fort Worth's Trinity Park was THE place to be. Gorgeous day. Energy and enthusiasm abounded, and hopefully funds were raised for research, wellness programs, and other ways to help folks living with MS.

I have two friends whose husbands have MS. One developed it after college back in the 1980s. The other learned a year or so ago he had it and he's in his 50s. Both were healthy and athletic. That's what is weird about multiple sclerosis, a disease that attacks the nervous system. No official reason for the cause and no official cure.

But huge progress is made each year in medicines, and scientists keep announcing breakthroughs.
I hope so - it would be nice to have a world free of MS.


  1. A great charity to support. I have a relative with progressive MS (which is now starting to be considered a completely different disease), and it would be wonderful to think there was a way of at least slowing the progression.

    1. Indeed MS hits everyone differently, that's what makes a "cure" so tricky to find. Best to your relative - it's a tough fight.

  2. I love finding a cause I'm passionate about and helping it succeed. Kudos to you for doing so! MS is especially devastating.