Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Random Writing Process

CJ Schwartz was kind enough to ask me to join a blog hop. I shall do more, but I really needed to post something fresh this week so I'm jumping, not hopping, into it with both feet.

I met CJ through the Bedford Library writer's group. Her eagerness to learn, her modesty (she'd do a pre-critique of herself before reading a really excellent chapter), and her laughter added a spark to the group. I'm happy to continue our writer friendship, and I'm glad she's meeting her blog and word count goals.   www.cjswriting.wordpress.com

I'm truly not the best example as a writer, and seemed to lose momentum in 2013. I did publish three poetry books, but that lends itself to more of a joke than an accomplishment. I'm proud of my books, but it's a tough sell. Though a marketing major in college, I'm terrible at promotions.

I will be talking about my writing process this Saturday - March 22nd - at the Abilene Writer's Guild workshop.  www.abilenewritersguild.org.    My talk is entitled "Soundtrack of a Writer" and against the backdrop of tunes - Paperback Writer by the Beatles, Words by Bee Gees, What Kills You Makes You Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, et al, I shall discuss my ascent, plateau, and pitfalls as a writer. I do not meet daily word count goals, nor weekly. I tend to wing it. Words flow and I write a poem, or a flash fiction, or a memoir, or a movie review ( I like them the best). It might be better to focus on one genre, but that's not me. I'm glad I have a day job for "real" money. I'm proud to be on Amazon, but I am not going to be a million dollar author. I'll buy you a taco every quarter if you are nice to me.

It's important to find your voice - one person who's done that is Ann Summerville. Her cozy mystery series are a joy to read and she's done well with promotion. Check out her blog www.cozyintexas.blogspot.com

If you want to learn about writing process and see a huge success in erotic literature, check out Roni Loren. I met this shy unassuming writer at a DFW Writer's Conference a few years ago. She's grown leaps and bounds and made a NY Times listing.  www.roniloren.com

Finally, I did an April A - Z challenge one year, and met Annalisa Crawford. She's across the pond in Cornwall, UK and her writing and goals are inspirational. Her short story collection That Sadie Thing is a winner. Her blog is varied and you'll learn about writing growth from her.

For me, writing is fun. I've met a lot of great people. I've published a memoir - My Zoo World, a story collection - Wordsplash Flash, and poetry - Wordsplash: Nature,  Tread Water, and Hazy Memory.  Next up is another humorous memoir - Athletic Antics. Until that is completed in the fall, I keep sending out poems, writing flash fiction for Doorknobs & Bodypaint, and I write reviews for The Little Paper of San Saba.

Keep tapping out words. They do turn into something.


  1. Good luck with your talk - it's brilliant you're doing that!

    I love writing to music, but I only recently commandeered a CD player from my son - music abounds now, and I'm hoping I'll find some extra inspiration :-)

    Thanks so much for the shout out, and for your lovely kind words!

  2. There are so many inspiring people - but I think publishing poetry books certainly qualifies you as one of them. I agree, Annalisa is very inspiring.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. You are inspirational, I was so impressed when I first met you at the writing workshop and you had just published some articles. I think this year we are just taking a much needed break and will start again rejuvenated. Can't wait to hear about your talk.