Sunday, March 9, 2014

Samurai and More in Fort Worth

The Kimbell Art Museum has more space now that the Renzo Piano Pavillion has opened. This is glorious because they have rearranged their art work and brought out more goodies to share. More statues and bronzes. A new Dutch acquisition adorns a wall. The museum feels fresh, and the building itself is an iconic design by architect Louis Kahn. The double height vault allows natural light which enhances the art viewing experience. Concrete walls, travertine marble, stainless steel handrails all keep the building sleek.  Here’s a quote from Mr.Kahn. “What’s neat about the porticos is that they are absolutely unnecessary.”  And yet, they are key to the flow of the building. The Kimbell is a Fort Worth treasure.  

The new addition, Renzo Piano Pavillion, makes a nice companion. It’s modern and modest with complimentary materials. Check out the building and the current exhibit of Samurai armor.  “Fearsome warriors clad head to toe in highly decorated armor symbolized power, honor, and valor of military elite from the 12th to 19th century.” (brochure)  The exhibition has more than 140 pieces from elaborate helmets to fierce masks, and embellished chest covers. Arrows and swords complete the fighting machine, along with armor for horses. The pageantry of samurai is presented well with 18 full suits plus 4 mounted horses. You will be transported to another time and culture.


  1. Oh this sounds fascinating. I love knowing about places like this if I get to that city. Thanks!

  2. Sounds amazing. I wondered why the piano building didn't look like a piano - duh - didn't know it was the architect's name.