Friday, June 6, 2014

Movie Review Madness: Chef

Chef is a savory morsel of a movie. You will come out of the theater hungry for a cubano sandwich. Jon Favreau’s chef is on top of his game in Dustin Hoffman’s restaurant. He’s prepared to create the best meal of his life for a famous Los Angeles food blogger critic. Hoffman says, “No, prepare the hits people come here to eat.” Alas, the critic (a pompous Oliver Platt) blasts him for his tired presentations and lazy lava cake. A social media war escalates and the chef is out of a job.  

He takes the advice of his ex-wife, Sofia Vergara, and meets with her former ex-husband, Robert Downey, Jr (small role that he makes magic on screen). It’s food truck time, and this turns the movie into a summer road trip/father son bonding and sizzling food heaven. John Leguziamo, sous-chef, adds a fun dimension. They kick off the Cubano sandwiches in South Beach, and there’s no turning back. The son, at age 10, turns out to be the tweeting, filming, marketing genius. Crowds gather wherever they roll – New Orleans, Austin, etc.  Laughter, love, and memories are made as the boy grows up, the dad sees his son as a person, and the glory of cooking simmers.
Chef is heartfelt soul food.  It brims with humor and life. Forget a tub of popcorn. Enjoy the movie and then treat yourself to a meal at a family owned restaurant or gourmet food truck. Spend time with your family and friends, visit a farmer’s market, and treat your palate. Spice up your life after enjoying Chef


  1. Sounds yummy! And like a perfect movie to watch at one of those restaurants within a theater. We haven't been to one of them, but they've been popping up all over the place here, and the food is supposed to be pretty darned good.

    Have a terrific weekend!

  2. I imagine you come out of that film feeling very hungry indeed?

  3. Do I really have to give up the tub of popcorn?! I also saw this delightful movie, and I agree with your riveting review. It's true how Robert Downey Jr. always adds screen magic, though I wish he had a larger role. The cute young boy was also quite the scene stealer. Thanks for the great review, Joanne!


  4. I'll look for this one. Thanks! :)