Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer: Sultry or Sulky and Soccer

First day of summer and it's sultry in Texas. We should be mid-90s today and humid.

The chance of sulky was very high this morning. I ran to Kohl's to check out their swimsuit sale. I realized this week that a few of the suits I had were revealing far more than necessary. I swim a lot and the pool just does its wear and tear. But I have to be in the right frame of mind to undergo the agony of trying on swimsuits. The potential for shrieking in the change room was very high. However - success. I found two suits that were modest, promised a "slimming effect", and they weren't hideous. Whew!

Today, June 21st, my mother would have been 82. She passed at age 60. I commented in an email to my father that it's hard to picture how she'd look, etc if she had lived. I figure she'd be even tinier, with her very neat wavy hair a silver white color. My father agreed that it's difficult to project - she's frozen in time for us.

She liked football - American. Not soccer football. World Cup is huge and I read a bit, but haven't watched it. Ray turns it on but tends to move on - he said he can't stand "the flopping about for fake injuries" and the "run here, run here, run pass, run pass, run pass and nothing seems to happen."

Guys I work with were commenting too - "Hey, it's a round ball. Every kid can kick it along. At least American football takes a funny bounce. Could be more interesting if they used a bowling ball." Ouch.

No respect, World Cup fans. No respect from we self-absorbed non-fans. Sorry

So, it's Sangria Saturday. Waiting on some friends to come for a pool float and visit. Snacks and sangria in flamingo glasses.

Summertime and the living is my new swimsuit (I'm going with the black one today)


  1. Have a sangria for me! And yes, the diving and faking annoys the fans just as much as the non-fans - I have a plan to stop it within a month, but no one wants to listen to me (no one who could implement it, friends have heard it plenty :-) )

  2. Glad you found a good swim suit. I found one too, and I just used it on vacation. It's pretty hot in Atlanta, too. Stay cool!

  3. Hmmm. Perhaps you'd post that sangria recipe?