Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sixty Years

Front row center at last week's family reunion - Joyce and LD Faries - married sixty years today.

two crazy kids

starry-eyed in ‘54

up and said “I do”

we don’t care if we’re poor 

rich in love

they forged ahead

raised a family

broke some bread 

years flew by

America went to the moon

LD & Joyce said

“p’shaw we are OVER  the moon” 

sixty years as a couple

brought laughter, tears, and joy

together they built memories

what’s the secret? Don’t be coy 

through good times and bad

look around, the answer is here

faith, trust, and commitment

family, friends, and good cheer 

you gotta laugh and forgive

root for Cowboys, for sure

the key for Joyce & LD

is a love that is pure

let’s celebrate the 60 years

reflect on the magic for goodness sake

we should all be in awe

now let’s eat some cake

Happy 60th Anniversary


  1. Wow, 60 years, congratulations to the happy couple. I am definitely in awe :-)

  2. How wonderful! And I'm guessing it doesn't FEEL like that long to them. (Time really DOES fly when you're having fun.) Congratulations to your parents, and to your whole family.

    Take care, and a very happy weekend to ya. Um... where's my cake?

  3. Wow! Sixty years together is amazing! Happy Anniversary to both of them!