Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Get Me to the Church on Time

From the Victorian age through the Civil War era, onward through the World Wars, and the hippie dippy 60s, and now in 2014, brides have worn a special dress on their wedding day.

American Brides: Inspiration and Ingenuity is a lovely (free!) exhibit at the Greater Denton Arts Council Gallery. Over thirty dresses are shown. Examine some elaborate beadwork. Marvel at the lace. Or turn up your nose at some ghastly peasant dresses - the brides must have had to go work the fields after the ceremony.

This exhibit is well done and worthy of a stroll through. An added bonus is lunch next door at Captain Nemo's - the steak sub sandwich is yummy.



  1. Sounds like fun! I got married in the hippy dippy sixties, but we were pretty traditional, Funny thing is, our daughter's outdoor wedding five years ago was more like a hippy fest.

  2. Cool! This sounds like a neat place to visit.