Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Anniversary Labor Day Weekend

 Thursday August 18th, Ray got home from work to find water pouring from the garage and front door. Busted tubing under the kitchen sink drowned the house. ServPro to the rescue. Now the roar of 19 fans and 2 de-humidifiers is overwhelming. Thus we fled Friday night to San Saba. Thank goodness for Aunt Pat's lovely patio and wine tasting.
 Gorgeous sunset allowed us to relax.
 I'm not a country gal, but the view and skies are tremendous in the Texas Hill Country

Ray and I will be married 25 years on Monday - September 1st.  Twilight, sunset years. Together we can conquer floods and more.


  1. Happy anniversary for tomorrow. I'm not a country girl either but those views look amazing.

  2. So true after 25 years...a little wine, a Texas sunset and love will conquer all. Happy Silver Anniversary. Enjoy the country and the wine...great way to get away for a Laborless Labor Day!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  3. Happy anniversary! We celebrated #29 in July. So sorry to hear about the flood. I'm sure that was a mess to have to deal with. Glad you had a place to escape to. Beautiful sunset photos!

  4. In combination with these photos, your post warms my heart. A very Happy Anniversary to you and Ray, Joanne. That last picture prompted me to express "mmmm".

  5. Breathtaking sunset photos! Happy 25th anniversary to you and Ray! I agree that you are both troopers who can get through anything!