Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Red Trimmed Shoe

And Then There Was One   
by Joanne Faries 

I hate being precious
stuck in a stroller
preppie outfit complete with hat
matching striped socks, and new red trimmed shoes
I hate shoes, but they are a challenge
must begin my campaign with a winner
new parents, rookie mistakes. I have lung power advantage
wail and head shake. Arm flaps
hand slaps hat askew
red faced I sniffle 

Mom straightens hat, but I renew effort
another arm wave whoosh, unencumbered head
Dad surrenders, picks up hat, stuffs it in bag
I giggle, gurgle, drool so Mom bends down to wipe
my mouth and kiss my forehead. She smiles 

oh this is too easy 

we roll along a path in fits and bursts. Camera shots
parents babble, distracted by sights
I wriggle my toes scrunched in these shoes
concentrate on right one
rub against foot rest, it loosens
I jabber, bounce in my seat with glee
kick and catch an edge
right shoe sails on to sidewalk close to grass
stroller rolls onward, oblivious parents discuss lunch
one happy foot 

jailbreak joy



  1. I love this, Joanne. :-) It was always such a struggle keeping shoes on my kids when they were little. You captured this perfectly.

  2. "Lung power advantage" - so true, and this little poetic narrator is precious because of it. Or maybe more of a devil, as Delores said.

    Clever voice, Joanne. This one's great fun.

  3. I love how this bundle of joy is dressed in a "preppy outfit complete with hat!" And how he can't stand wearing shoes! This reminds me of how much I enjoyed dressing up my boys when they were babies! Of course they were all bundled up, so that no germs could ever get to them! If only I realized it would help build up their immune systems. What an entertaining and clever poem, Joanne!