Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday: Ice Flow

 Bedford, Texas - January 8th - 19 degrees F this morning.   Should get up to 38F today
We are not shoveling snow. But this cold blast has given our new backyard waterfall some cool ice formations
 This Yankee girl has been prepared, unlike my guys (age 30s) at work. I've got my pea coat, scarf, mittens, and hat. I have an afghan in my car, just in case. These guys act surprised that it's SO cold. Yes, a majority of the year in Texas it is warm to freakin' hot. But the north wind does blow down from Canada (the politicians haven't managed to build a border fence to stop it), and we have wind chill temps. Brrr.
 I'm not keen on the keening wail of the wind at the office door. Better insulation, please. But, I kinda like the bracing temperatures - the scurry from the car into a warm house.
The water flows and then stops, suspended from rocks in a glistening dream.


  1. That does look cool! I love you line about the border ;)

  2. Pretty photos, and I love that last sentence. :) Hope you're staying warm.

  3. Neat pictures! It's been pretty doggone cold here, too... down into the teens at night, but it's going back up to fifty next week. (Or so "they" say.) Like you, I'm enjoying the short blast of cold. (Just as long as it doesn't overstay its welcome.)

    Happy weekend!

  4. Frozen water, like that, is pretty cool... well, freezing, I guess :-) Stay warm, Joanne!

  5. It's even more beautiful from afar - as I sit by my heater.