Friday, March 6, 2015

and more Texas snow

 behind this iced shed door is my snow shovel.  Why did I not put it in the garage? It's Texas, baby.
 The wind howled and the snow drifted
 Opened the garage this morning to find this daunting hump. Will my Cruze navigate it?  Ray reported no official lanes on the highway. We don't have plows here. They just spritz sand on the bridges.
 snow topper
I liked the pattern

We've had a challenging few weeks. However, temps should get above freezing by noon and by the weekend it shall be in the 50s. Next week - 70s.

That's the Texas way to handle winter.


  1. Ooh, snow. We haven't had any here this winter, but you've got just the right amount, and just the right duration :-)

  2. It was 78 glorious degrees here on Wednesday. Then I guess mother nature wanted to remind us that she's still in charge, because this morning, we woke up to a dusting of snow. Snow! It's gone already, and the temps are heading back into the sixties by tomorrow, but still... nutty weather! (Frankly, I think ol' Mother Nature has been hitting the sacrificial wine a bit too hard...)

    Happy weekend!

  3. Well, if you have to have winter, getting it over quickly seems like the best way to me. Seems like the snow and the winter have been hanging on here for forever.