Thursday, August 20, 2015

Modern Museum of Fort Worth - Framing Desire

I don't always go to The Modern ( due to my art preferences. However, this exhibit Framing Desire - Photography and Video interested me and proved thought provoking.

The artists explore the premise of desire with three themes - Ages, Rooms, and Scapes. From the brochure "these updated takes on the traditional subjects of portraiture, architecture, and landscape make the well traversed themes seem more magnificent and provocative, especially when they are couched within the framework of desire."

Indeed, I enjoyed the viewpoints and contrasts. One cool video was a compilation called "The Crying Game" - clip after clip of crying in movies, from quiet sobs to an outpouring of sorrow.

It's good to step out of the comfort zone and explore new worlds - my time at The Modern confirmed it.


  1. Sounds interesting. I would like to see the "Crying Game" video.

  2. that video was unique as it built in intensity. And it was fun to pick out characters from movies I recognized.