Friday, October 6, 2017

Movie Review Madness - Home Again

I paid $4.33 for Home Again and it was worth every penny.  I just wanted a movie at this time (2 ish) that was not too long ( 96 minutes) and that required NO thinking whatsoever. Home Again completed the mission as a total fluff piece.  Thank you Reese Witherspoon for delivering a worthy performance that only required looking adorable. Her big blue eyes never looked bluer or bigger. Her smile was never more radiant. And she pulled off that cute wrinkle the nose look.  As for the young men in the movie – oh so cute. Generically good looking, okay acting, and yes, total fluff puppy dog eyes. The girls playing Reese’s daughters were equally way too adorable. Michael Sheen is fine as the on-the-outs artsy husband. Candice Bergen (good to see her) is Reese’s mother.

This is a Nancy Meyers production and the writer/director is her daughter Hallie Meyers-Shyer. That says enough. Absolutely fabulous LA home setting with a kitchen to die for, and of course the pool, guest house, etc are decorated to perfection.

Shall I discuss plot? Nah. Why muddy the waters? I didn’t go to think. I went for fluff, light drama, humor, cuteness, and a happy tidy ending. BAM!!!  Totally nailed it.


  1. I need these type of movies; something I can escape into. Sounds like a good one to do so.


  2. It's good to be able to escape into a movie and forget the trials and tribulations around you. Pleased you found one Joanne.


  3. Hi Joanne - sounds just what you needed ... and a good movie to have when family or friends are visiting - something for everyone to share -cheers Hilary

  4. Sounds like just what one needs sometimes