Friday, April 27, 2018

Book Review - An American Marriage

An  American Marriage  by Tayari Jones is absolutely an awesome read.  It’s an Oprah pick. It should be one for every book club in America. I finished this book, shut it with a whoa in my brain, and had to pause. I love a book like that. The writing is brilliant. The characters are rich. And Ms. Jones just taps into so many themes.  Awesome. Get this book from the library or buy it. Huge thumbs up.

From the cover blurb – Love makes a place in your life. It makes a place for yourself in your bed. Invisibly it makes a place in your body, rerouting all our blood vessels, throbbing alongside your heart. When it is gone, nothing is whole again.
Before I met you, I was not lonely, but now I’m so lonely I talk to the walls and sing to the ceiling.

Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are heading to her parent’s home in LA when he’s arrested. Say what?  It’s a young black man, wrongly accused. Ultimately what occurs for him and her is still a part of the American nightmare. He was on the road to success. She also  has her dream coming true.  But  An American Marriage brings home the challenges for young successful blacks in real America.
Ms. Jones is a skillful author who writes the truth.  Read and be in awe of an amazing author.

This couple could be any of us – black or white, young or old. I truly loved this book, the characters, and the dilemma faced.  Sad, heartfelt, and heartrending. Read and judge yourselves,


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed this book. If it's on Oprah's list, it must be exceptional.

  2. It do sound like an excellent read Joanne. Thanks for sharing.


  3. One that can apply to all sure is a win.

  4. Sounds great! I need to add it to my list.