Friday, June 8, 2018

Movie Review - Book Club

Book Club, the movie, is a good Sunday morning matinee -  beat the heat of TX summer – chick flick time killer. I went in with low expectations and came out amused. I like all of the actresses and I try to support “more mature” women.  Entertainment Weekly summed it up well – enjoy the novelty of four of the best actresses of their generation splash around in a film that actually lets them live, not just tastefully fossilize in some designated elder-citizen corner of the screen.

The book club meets monthly – federal judge Sharon (Candice Bergen), widow Diane (Diane Keaton – my fave), chef Carol (Mary Steenburgen), and hotelier Vivian (Jane Fonda). Vivian decides to liven up the club with E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey – shocking. The group protests and groans but end up reading it secretly embarrassed and yet fascinated. From there, we have sensual re-awakenings, however contrived. Diane meets a pilot (Andy Garcia) on a trek to  AZ to see her daughters who are convinced mom should move to assisted living. Sharon tries on line dating and meets Richard Dreyfuss – a normal schlumpy guy just trying to connect. She realizes there is more to life than her cat. Vivian runs into an ex (a very scrumptious Don Johnson) and learns that maybe she should not just love ‘em and leave ‘em. And Carol works to put some spark back into her marriage to Craig T. Nelson. He’s newly retired and has issues of his own.

There are funny lines, lovely homes and décor, and great fashion. The ladies look great and aren’t plastic scary. There are some poignant scenes along with some silly stuff. This is fluff – plain and simple. I think critics gave it a solid C.  I’m more generous and was entertained – I’ll go with B.  B for Book Club


  1. Not my style of movie but glad you were pleasantly surprised.
    Some of those actors - I have a hard time thinking of them as old. Know what I mean?

    1. I agree - that's why I prefer "mature". But Jane Fonda is 80, others in 70s....

  2. THANKS...looking forward to seeing this movie. Yes, mature...not old...especially since all are in my age bracket. YIKES!!!

  3. Pleased you enjoyed the film Joanne. I recall Saturday movies as a child here in the UK.
    They don't do them anynore,,,,,Shame.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  4. I just can't watch anything with Jane Fonda. I really don't like her.

  5. I want to see this one. Fluff, yes, I'm sure it is, but I think it would be fun just the same. Have a great weekend!

  6. Always good when one is surprising, even when it is a little humdrum.

  7. Hi Joanne - I suspect I'll see this at some stage - though wish it wasn't based around 50 Shades of ... that all copies et al - should be put in the middle of a rubbish dump and buried for ever!!! I read some of it ... but it's so appallingly written - still can see 'the hook' ... cheers and thanks for the review!

  8. You already know what I thought of this movie. My girlfriend and I laughed more than we have in ages. It was great to see people our age being treated as real people living real lives, and with real senses of inappropriate humor. We loved it!

    I'd love to join a book club with ladies just like the characters in the movie... but AFTER they finish with the "Gray" books. Not interested. :)