Friday, June 7, 2019

Book Review - All That You Leave Behind by Erin Lee Carr

David Carr, journalist and author, fatally collapsed in the New York Times newsroom in 2015.

In All That You Leave Behind, his 27 year old daughter, Erin Lee Carr, writes of her devastation. As a documentary filmmaker just beginning her career, Erin reviews all of their correspondence looking for reassurances, comfort,  and support. He was her rock, the embodiment of journalism. Integrity and hard work were everything to this man. How could she live up to the Carr name?

All That You Leave Behind is well written, earnest, and heartfelt.  It's a poignant coming-of-age story that offers a raw and honest glimpse into the multilayered relationship between a daughter and a father. (cover blurb). It's a story about addictions and sobriety challenges. It's about work and family. He was her champion and her biggest critic. The Carr name helped her get in the door, but Erin recognizes where she blew it at times. She acknowledges when she let down her dad, and now he's not there.

This book is a window into love,  with all of its fierceness and frustrations. (cover blurb)

Excellent read.


  1. Sounds like she dug deep and let all in on their relationship.

  2. This sounds like a sad but moving story. I think this would be a tough and very personal subject to write about.

    1. indeed - tough, but she was honest about herself and her father