Wednesday, April 22, 2020

An S Book Review - Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson

page 1  This is the story of a girl who lost her voice and wrote herself a new one

Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson blew me away. This is a memoir in poetry of a sexual assault survivor. The style, the words, the power of the words fills this book with a story of pain,  strength, perseverance,  loathing, determination. When I finished reading it, I sat stunned and in awe at this author's mad skills.

p. 3   this book is yesterday's mud
         dried on the dance floor
         the step patterns
         cautiously submitted
         for your curious investigation
         of what I feel like
         on the inside
See what I mean, yes it's poetry (and folks tend to shy away from it. I know I have in the past).
But it draws you in as our heroine withdraws and then opens up, digs deeper, and lets you into her soul.

By the end, you will want to Shout the praises of Laurie Halse Anderson


  1. What a unique find. Thank you, Joanne.
    You're doing great with this alpha thing, and you're honing in on the finish line.
    Cheers to you.

    1. this was a unique find and so memorable of a read. I'm hanging in. You too my friend

  2. Sounds very moving. I think this one would draw me into it. Thanks for sharing your view on it.

    1. indeed. It's poetry that really tells a powerful story. Her word choice is impeccable