Friday, April 3, 2020

Finally Friday

an unedited off the cuff poem.  The pictures do the main job for this Finally Friday job

Sunrise by Joanne Faries

slap alarm clock and sigh
essential work day ahead under new norm
slurp milk and sugar coated cereal - healthy grains? nah.
sugar up for the day
sandwich meat slid between Miracle Whipped bread slices
zip lunch bag and kiss Ray goodbye

slip out of the garage quietly
car beams light the way
neighborhood sleeps

turn the corner
brain explodes
eyes widen

stop to take a picture
no one around to honk or complain
feast on the sky
explosion of pinks, oranges, purples
cloud layer ripples enhance the hues

seek your own meaning

smile. another day is born


  1. Hi Joanne - it'd certainly light your day ahead, whenever that kind of sunrise comes around ... take care and love the poem. All the best - Hilary

    1. thanks much. It was SO pretty. Today -dark and dreary with rain rolling in. Sigh

  2. Sure a sight to seek as normal goes up the creek

  3. Feat on the sky indeed. Stay safe, Joanne.

  4. Impressive - your words paired with the photo. Thank you for gifting us with that unexpected moment of brain explosion in a beautifully earnest way.

    Stay true to you, safe, healthy, and appreciative.

    1. thanks Robyn. I'm trying to dig back in for the creative juice word flow

  5. Seize those special moments when you find them. Lovely photos and poem.

    1. thanks. I bet the flowers are busting out a bit in OH. Take care