Friday, February 25, 2022

Friday Fluff Movie - Marry Me

First on the tougher side of marriage - I can report that Ray is doing really well with his knee. He might not think so every day, but I say "I do."

Now, on the fluffy side I did escape to the movies (left Ray with ice packs, water, his book, etc) and saw Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez (Kat) and Owen Wilson (Charlie). This is rom-com at its most ridiculous and finest. This is J-Lo looking fabulous plus singing, plus being vulnerable, plus being fabulous (yes, I mention this twice because I do love her as the star she is). 

She's Kat, a superstar getting ready to marry dreamy jerk Bastion (played by dreamy talented singer Maluma) in a huge extravaganza concert. Uh-oh someone is a cheater. So, she impulsively picks Charlie (Owen Wilson) who's holding a "Marry Me" sign handed to him by friend Sarah Silverman. 

So, is this all a joke, a farce? Does Kat skip events to come to the school where Charlie's the math teacher nerd? Is love possible despite the crazy lifestyle contrast? Is Charlie just almost too perfect with his folksy attitude and crooked nose/smile? 

It's a rom-com. It's fun, entertaining, and glamorous. There are musical numbers. There's a math-a-lon. 

Ridiculous?  Heck yeah!!!

It's J-Lo.  'Nuff said.  



  1. Glad Ray is doing well.
    As far as JLo, she can go to...
    watch this movie herself in a quiet theater, because you're the only person I know who has the patience to watch her on the big screen.

    Have a great weekend, friend.

    1. Yea, I know. We all have our faults. I bet A-Rod has a private screening and throws rotten tomatoes!

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  3. Hi Joanne - sounds fun ... as you say a fluff movie. Equally so pleased to read Ray is improving ... he'll be fine soon - cheers Hilary