Monday, March 14, 2022

Book Review - Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster

 Jen Lancaster has cracked me up through the years with her humorous essays on her life. I thought I read all her books, but came across Jeneration X at the library book sale. For one  dollar, I laughed out loud multiple times.

cover blurb - Here the author gives herself and her generation a kick in the X, by facing her greatest challenge to date: acting her age. 

She's embracing investment making, mortgage carrying, life insurance having adult she's become. With each rite of passage she completes, she'll uncover a valuable - and probably humiliating- life lesson that will ease her path to full-fledged, if reluctant, adulthood. 

 Her long suffering husband, Fletch, is a hoot as he  often guides or tries to keep her on the right path. She'll admit she's selfish. She'll admit she's vindictive. And often the funniest bits are her footnotes at the bottom of the page - she can let loose the snark. 

p 212   Chapter 18 title  The One About the Monkey      (trust me, funny as hell)

and  the Reluctant Adult Lesson Learned in this chapter - You are not too cool for the Fair, but you are  too old not to practice moderation. 

I am way older than Gen X, but absolutely enjoyed Jen's Jen X journey. 


  1. I'm almost generation X but I bet I could relate.

    1. yep. And I got chuckles even though I'm a boomer