Friday, October 13, 2023

Finally Friday - A Gambling Man by David Baldacci

 You can always count on David Baldacci for a good story. He  does not disappoint in  A Gambling Man. Aloysius Archer is a WWII vet fresh out of prison and ready for a new start as a private investigator.  He hops a bus to California with a contact there to get him started. A stop in Reno proves to be pivotal. He leaves a dead body behind (self defense), earns some money, gets a classy 1939 Delahaye convertible, and meets Liberty Callahan, an aspiring actress, who joins him on the trip west.  A lot happens in a short period of time. 

cover blurb - Once in Bay Town, CA, he apprentices with Willie Dash and is immediately in the thick of a potential scandal: a blackmail case involving a wealthy, well connected politician running for mayor that soon spins into something even more sinister. 

Brothels, gambling  dens, drug operations. The promised land could be Archer's final resting place if he  doesn't connect the  clues. Strong characters and page turning  action. Take a gamble, hop into the convertible, and enjoy the ride/ read! 


  1. thecontemplateivecat here. Balducci books line one shelf. Husband enjoys them.

    1. He is consistent but not repetitive. Thanks for visiting. I assume the hand is healed? Take care