Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sunday Sundries

My mind will wander plenty when I go to PA end of the month.  There's a lot of relaxing with my dad.  If I'm smart, I will take the time to bring a notebook and perhaps jot down my random thoughts, maybe a scrap of poetry, or a hint of a short story.  We'll see

 Yep - I've been dusting and then pick up something to read, sit down, abandon dusting, and get absorbed in a book.  What the heck - the dust will still be there. 

Hope you say the heck with cleaning and plop down with something good to read on a Sunday or any day. Enjoy


  1. Love that quote. Thank you.
    May it be a healing trip for both you and your dad.
    Take gentle care, friend.

    1. Hey - seems like you are oozing your way back. I know it's tough, but you are strong. Thanks always for your comments. My dad is not the man he once was, but he's still a hoot. You'd like him a lot and vice versa. He'd get a kick out of your humor. hugs!!