Friday, November 10, 2023

Finally Friday - Long Shadows

 Long Shadows by David Baldacci is book seven in the Memory Man series. 

Nice to have Amos Decker back in the mix, but he's not convinced he's in the mood. He definitely doesn't want a new partner, "Freddie White". He also just received a letter from the Cognition Studies who monitor his condition. The news isn't necessarily stellar, and Amos can tell his memory can be a bit off at times. See - he had a football brain injury that gave him perfect memory - he can remember everything, every detail, every thing he sees or reads. He also has color sensory - bright blue is murder. 

cover blurb info: Well the bright blue is searing in south Florida. Decker and White are investigating the death of a judge, along with her bodyguard. One was brutally stabbed, the other shot. What was the timing? Why? Who was the real target? Gang members, drug dealers, and smugglers, a resentful ex-husband - all become involved. More bodies pile up as they try to piece together a very interwoven tunnel of secrets, crimes, and scandal. 

Baldacci writes a good thriller and kept me guessing until the end. Decker and White prove to be quite a team. So much for a beach vacation - ha!


  1. I have something by him sitting in the TBR shelf... :) Not that any shelf is sorted enough to be called that yet.. Have a lovely week.

    1. I like his books as challenge brain candy. Smooth writing, page turning action. Sometimes you just need entertainment. When he pops onto the top of your pike, you’ll have fun.