Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Whatever Wednesday - Post Turkey Trot - Chill Out

So, we've enjoyed Thanksgiving...eaten that wee bit too much, didn't exercise quite as much, and now  we are fretting over the next holiday countdown.  Baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating and more. 

We all have those checklists. I have truly cut back  on the holiday stressing and's easy to get sucked up into the whirl.   So, this post is your final November whatever - chill  out my friends. 

I nabbed these photos from a  FB  friend's beach trip. Aaah!

 Isn't this just way cool?  
This is from October 14th - our solar eclipse.   Saturday dawned glorious - blue skies, windy bluster, and sunshine. Then around 10:30ish things changed. You could tell the light was changing.  

Unlike a former leader, we did not go  out and stare into the sun.  Duh!   Ray had his pinhole papers and that was  cool.  But he discovered that our leaf pattern out front showed a very nifty crescent view of the eclipse without burning our retinas

This shot I took at high noon was at the peak of our eclipse in North Texas.  Quite nifty. 

So - the point is - chill out and embrace any moment of nature you have in a day. That's very important. A little walk around your block to shake off any cobwebs is good for you.  Yes, you can be composing another list as you stroll, but stop and inhale that November (soon to be December) air.   Enjoy


  1. Absolutely in agreement. Any chance you get at nature, grab it with both hands. Belated wishes for Thanksgiving and advance ones for the upcoming festive season. :)

    1. Thanks. Good wishes to you as we enter 2023’s downhill stretch. You’ve had quite a year.