Monday, February 26, 2024

Monday Moments - Kenan Thompson Memoir

 As a fan of Kenan Thompson on SNL, I was excited for his memoir and it did not disappoint.  When I Was Your Age is quite funny, very real, just a dude talking to us.  He's the longest ever cast member and sketches like "Black Jeopardy" are hysterical. He's still got a baby face, and he absolutely cracks the cast up. 

His goal in life was to act and be funny. And his family life was good. His mom worked darn hard to make his dream come true. From the Mighty Ducks to All That  to Good Burgers, Kenan was destined to be a star. 

He's a dad to two girls and SO not cool now. He's got dad vibes and he's good with that. 

cover blurb - This book is packed with hilarious yet poignant essays that are aimed to offer any parenting advice, focusing on positivity, and having fun in life.  He tells his story about auditions, failures, going bankrupt, and getting on SNL, a true dream come true.  Then he had to work hard to succeed there - fortunately getting paired with a very young Colin Jost (writer at the time). They clicked and the rest has been history. 

I laughed out loud at this book as a true fan of Kenan. He's down to earth and sheds some good comments on SNL cast members and guest hosts. He comes across as a really nice guy who's worked incredibly hard at his craft, often being  the "token black dude", but not letting that be his story.  He's beyond talented and funny and I'm glad I read his book. 

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