Friday, June 14, 2024

Finally Friday - Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's  Day Weekend to all the dad's out there.   Here's Ray's dad, L.D, with his great great grandson,  Levi
Here's Ray's younger son  Kevin with all his girls. Skylar, Wife Maria, Makyla, and Dakota
Here's my brother David with his  crew - Jeff,  Lisa, and  his  wife Cherie
Here's Ray with oldest son, Chris and with baby Levi

 And bittersweet weekend for me - Here's my late  father back  when  he turned ninety. I'm glad I was in town  for that.  There's  Lori, me, and David.   Still hard to believe dad's gone now. 

Keep  good memories and celebrate those dads that are living. 


  1. Hi Joanne. - lovely selection from the families - yes I was sad to hear your Dad had passed on ... but it'll arrive for us all v soon ... that youngster Levi is in for an interesting life! Cheers and happy weekend ... Hilary

    1. Thanks. And through the years you’ve seen my family saga We can only hope Levi’s era shows improvement. Have a good weekend.

  2. A lot of fathers. This Father's Day will be sad for you but just hold on to the memories.

    1. Thanks. It was weird to not be buying and sending a card.
      Enjoy your weekend