Sunday, January 11, 2009

hilton, paris and more

I received an email from my brother, David. I think he was so excited about my blog that he forgot to use a comma. He wanted to know why he should continue to read this blog if nothing was written about Paris Hilton.

I assume he wanted tales of my high school trip to France. Indeed, a week in Paris and London was divine. From the la Tour Eiffel to Montmartre to Versailles, I was enthralled. Drinking champagne at the Moulin Rouge (ooh-la-la) at age 17,no less, felt tres naughty. I fully intend to return some day, with Ray, to ride les bateaux past Notre Dame, and stroll the Left Bank. Drink wine at a cafe and eat fresh bread with REAL butter.

Indeed, as Rick said to Ilsa in "Casablanca", "We'll always have Paris." I certainly hope so.

Sticking closer to home, last January, Ray and I stayed at the Fort Worth Hilton and played tourist. That's a fabulous way to enjoy a weekend - see your local city through sight-seeing eyes. The Hilton was newly refurbished and quite lovely. It was the last place President John Kennedy and Jackie stayed prior to that fateful trip to Dallas.

Anyway, the concierge was helpful and loaded us with coupons and maps. We strolled Sundance Square, browsed through stores, admired western art at the Sid Richardson Museum, ate hors d'oevres at Reata, and BBQ later. Wandering the Ft.Worth Water Gardens is a treat - an oasis amidst the bustle of Cowtown.

Slept well at the Hilton and appreciated the Sunday brunch. If you can't manage to fly to Paris ( and no, I don't mean Paris TX), then head to Fort Worth for atmosphere and activities.

I hope this post satisfies David's request.

And because he appreciates poetry so much, constantly clamoring to read anything I'm able to get published, I shall finish with the piece below. It fits considering the crazy wind that has howled here for months.

No Escape

Scrap paper whooshes past me
clings to chain link fence
splatted flat, it wavers




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  1. Mark and I take a vacation in Ft. Worth every few years. We really do live in an interesting place.

    Loved the poem.