Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Words Rain Poetry

Here's a wacky assortment of poems for any January mood:

Note - somehow there were more snowfalls back in the day and nothing was better than a snow day!

Jenkins Lane Snow

nose against frosty windowpane
eyes squint at snow reflections
yesterday’s gray bitter blur
erased by blue skies
radio babbles school closings

yank on thermals, match gloves,
tuck slick blue pants into boots
bound outside
crisp air energizes
tang of chimney smoke
tink and thunk of shovels echo
snowplows hum a chorus

pack a snowball firm
crunchy Frankenstein footsteps
one ear pops from ski cap
re-adjust, grab rope, pull sled
toward muffled yells
kids in line
trudge to the hill

steep, daunting
swerve left or right
avoid creek
sled runners trace snow
packed tight underfoot

exhilaration, tears, exhaustion
only the hill wins.

Note - This one came after I proved to be very un-Wii fit. Had fun, but my scores were pitiful.

Wonder Which

teeter on Wii board
respond, react, rebound
results indicate




Note - Always sad to hear of an unnecessary death:


Crooked ties and too tight shirts
pants pulled up and belted
no sag, no underwear shown
cowlicks slicked down
somber eyes blink back tears
no flash of braces, no goofy grins
hands stuffed in pockets
another's arms crossed
controlled movement

shoulders slumped
boys, young men
shuffled too large feet
past a casket
glimpsed life’s fleeting


January is a rather schizoid month. Especially here in Texas - go from 80 degrees to ice and 30s. We'll see what the rest of the month brings - weather and words.


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