Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mad for March

March is Madness. Chance of flurries today and I planned to enjoy the arboretum with friends. Instead this picture from 2/11/10 sums up the day. I shall have to keep highlighting my bracket wins over Ray, as we watch NCAA basketball.

"Hoop Dreams", "Hoosiers" - those are worthy basketball movies. I was trying to think of any basketball themed books? "Basketball Diaries" - but that was more drug themed if I remember correctly.

Instead, I have a selection of reading material as the sports commentators blather in the background. O - Oprah's magazine provides all that is worthy in the world of Oprah. I like that she features in-depth book reviews. Entertainment Weekly keeps me apprised of movies I probably won't see and another re-cap of Lost. Traditional Home magazine allows me to peer into other's snazzy spaces and garner fabulous gardening tips. Time magazine should arrive today and I can read if the world has ended. Wall Street Journal - I gloss through the economic lack of goodies to see if the world has ended. And finally, I'm almost finished with a book The Reliable Wife. It's been mildly entertaining. I like the main character, a woman who claims she's honest as she's poisoning her new husband with arsenic. It's not a deep book and can be read with basketball in the background.

Reading material - check, yellow highlighter - check, bracket pages - check, remote control - in Ray's hand - check.

Let the Madness continue.


  1. First day of spring and we have snow . . .

  2. Hi Joanne --

    My Losing Season, by Pat Conroy. Haven't read it yet but it's been on my list for ... you know, a long time.